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Making easy money with USI-tech and Bitcoin.

Important things to remember before you start reading.

– BTC value could go up and down, my conversions are right at the time of writing.
– This is my take on the situation and what has happened to me, how I think something works, might not actually be the case, hopefully it will be and time will tell, I’ll update the things I find out as I go on!
-Investing money is always a risk, I am only responsible for my money. I haven’t heard from any one who has lost money with USI-tech and Ive searched, but always best to remain cautious!
Click here for a step buy step guide on how to purchase BTC on USI-tech through coinbase.

So today I either did something that’s going to impact my life in amazing way or it was ridiculously stupid.

I bought bitcoin 3 packages from USI – tech.

A friend of mine is constantly posting how much he’s making from it on Facebook and I roll my eyes every time I see one.  I’m a skeptic. Completely. His post screamed pyramid scheme at me and I quickly dismissed them. However I kept going back to them. Looking at the photos. Scouring the internet looking for the catch. It looked easy. Too easy and like I said  I am skeptical. I’m good with money, I don’t buy into these crazy schemes I work too hard for my money to throw it away. And yet something was really pulling me towards this. I’m a big believer in the secret, and thought What if this is the universe giving me some sign.

A couple of things really pulled me in.

Firstly it’s not a pyramid scheme. In a pyramid you can never earn more than the people above you. This you can. If I could only put in £50 and I referred some one who could put in £100. They are instantly going to get more than me.
The second thing. You don’t have to try convince people to join. You can completely make money by not doing that. Like obviously I’m going to put my referral link herebecause referrals do get you commission but I’m not going to be the person who plasters it all over Facebook and harassed people in the supermarket to join. I will keep my progress here and hopefully that will speak for it’s self or warn you not to do it! We shall see.

Anyway where was I…

It’s a risk. I got that. I could lose my money. Or I could make a shit ton. The USI website was over my head I’m not going to lie, so I did go in pretty blind, but hopefully that’ll help me write a very simple guide to it so people like me can come to grips with it.
I thought pretty carefully about it. How much was I willing to lose. Packages start at around £50 which is fine. Slow and steady wins the race. You might not see much from the daily compounding over the first few month but in a couple of years – boom.

Daily compounding. You get a 1% (though they do say this can vary) of you money back every day. Like that’s amazing no bank can do that. There’s a handy little daily compounding calculator here 

I erred in the side of caution. I put into the calculator that id only be getting 0.5% back daily (not weekends) I’m not withdrawing any so reinvesting 100% 140 days I’ll have made my money back. I figured by then I can either draw my initial deposit back out then I will never actually be any worse off. Or if it’s going well I’ll just leave it and maybe reinvest 95% A’s the more that’s in there the more you get and drawing the 5% out I will receive a little something back.

I ended up buying 3 packs. (£150) I figured I was going to buy an iPod I didn’t really need so actually I’d do this instead.

So I’ll try keep this as untechnical as I can this is only my understanding of it and my experience you should always do you own research and always remember you could lose your money. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Fingers crossed we won’t. Be you must be aware.

My 3 packs cost me £150.79 (it’s done in Euros and converted)

The amount of BTC I got was 0.0315 (1 bitcoin is worth over £4000!! And going up quite rapidly!)

I download this BTC to GBP converted and saw that 0.0315 BTC is equal to £135.189 (correct on 13.10.17) Theres is a 3% mining fee when you buy so unsure where my other 7% is. Though in Euros the percent does work out about better, maybe it’s a conversion thing?!)

Now it’s important to remember that amount bitcoins are worth can fluctuate. So tomorrow that 0.0315 could be worth a different amount and like I said I’m on it for the long haul.

Day 1 
All my info has update on the USI app now. And low and behold I can see that on day 1 I got 0.85% .0.00027 of a bitcoin worth an extra £1.16 (again correct at time of writing).
Oddly optimistic now. There’s been some weird signs too. Emails from Jack Canfield. (One of the guys from the secret) generic ones were not friends or anything, but for some reason in my inbox of 100s of junk emails of popped at me. Law of attraction true stories. I mentioned it to the boyfriend and he laughed and said he’d been thinking about investing in Bitcoin this week too.

I’ve been number crunching because oh my word I love that calculator. It leave my £150 sitting there compounding weekdays for a year, it’ll be worth £1366.66 this time next year (again this does depend on if the value of BTC fluctuate. It could be worth way more. I remember a few years ago a friend of mine sold his bitcoin for £10k no saying they’ll get up to there again but who knows!)

Now in year 2 if I leave the £1366.66 in there but now I draw 10% out each day and reinvest the other 90%. I’ll have a grand to spend on something beautiful and I’ll have made £9000.

Year 3 invest the £9k but drawing our 25% and reinvesting the rest..I could have £14,000 to spend on pretty bags and note books and prosecco and stuff. And have £52000 invested.

Ha, but I’m getting carried away. Let’s see how day 2 goes first!

Day 2 and 3 were actually the weekend (sun and Monday in UK. Nothing more to report.
(Monday night, won £50 decided to buy another package. Cost £48 and some change).

DAY 4. (17.10.17)
0.91% interest. 0.00029BTC on the 3 pacakages and 0.00010BTC on the 1 package. So a total of £1.65 today.
Running total. 0.00066 BTC £2.79

DAY 5 – 7
.83%, .88% and .93% so 0.00111BTC (£4.75)
Running total today comes in at 0.0018 (£7.70) Not bad for a week, imagine if you’d have invested a couple of £1000 the return would be crazy.

*Something I have found out, the packages you buy run until you get a return of 140%. Once that has happened you can rebuy more packages and carrying on the compounding or withdraw.

With the profit you make daily you can withdraw this at any point you have over 15 euros or you can buy more packages once you have the required amount.

I am absolutely loving this so far, I’m in some groups on Facebook that I’m not going to lie, confuse the hell out of me when they are all technical, but its great and very reassuring seeing the success stories! I’m having to have a lot of self control to not buy more packages!
Convinced let’s me show you how to start! 

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